Manchester Taxi Tours logo
  While I was working for Turn On Social in 2012, I produced the logo for their client Manchester Taxi Tours. I finished the front-end of their website and integrated the red carpet in the logo onto the design of the main navigation.  

Manchester Taxi Tours

Whiz logo
Whalley Range Inclusion Zone, logo designed in a series of workshops with young people. The shaded area is the administrative boundary of the Whalley Range area in south Manchester, with lines representing the streets. The idea was that Whalley Range was inclusive to people from around the globe, hence the […]

Whiz Youth Project logo

Design of webpages and database for a searchable band directory for EXR (using PHP and MySQL, with XHTML and CSS). Work on exam server and student registration at University of Manchester, withAssessment21 and the Assess By Computer software, 2004 to 2008 with freelance work thereafter. Amazon AWS cloud virtual server […]

Development highlights, 2004 to 2012

Poster promoting Whiz magazine workshops
Youth group project, promoting a weekly activity for young people to work on a new magazine about their group’s history.

Whiz magazine workshops

Screenshot of Borderlines project
This summer, I took on a role as an artist, developing and delivering workshops leading to a mass-participation digital art project called Cartwheel Borderlines Project. Starting August 2011, I became involved with Cartwheel Arts community arts group in Heywood, Manchester, as part of a new team of artists.  We planned out eight […]

Cartwheel Arts: Borderlines Project

Flyer for Growing Together project, produced in a workshop
Double-sided flyer produced in a two-part workshop with refugees and asylum seekers for the promotion of their allotment project.

Growing Together

Homepage of the Murkage Sound website
My leading work during the first half of 2011 was definitely the Murkage Sound project. “Upload your Murkage Sound and vote.” The Murkage Cartel were launching a new EP and were looking for a great way to promote it and involve their fans at the same time.  Under the guiding […]

Murkage Sound

In November I was asked to install HOBO, an excellent extension to Ruby on Rails, on a Windows PC, using MySQL as its database. HOBO is new, and at the time, only compatible with Rails 2.  So I learned Rails 3 from a book and used various websites to fill […]

Installing HOBO on Windows with MySQL

Poster for band night at Polar Bar
Poster for a band night in Chorlton.

Polar Bar