This site is under development, see www.duckwhistle.org.uk for more.


Duck Whistle is the name I’ve given to my independent design and computing work. I have been building websites, logosposters, flyers and newsletters since 1999, professionally since 2004. But I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon!

I have worked in web development, in particular with Apache, PHP and Java, since 2002, and developed and built MySQL databases since 2006. More recently I’ve been learning Python and VBA for exploiting and joining data sets from financial and business databases for academic research.

I have led and supported workshops and training sessions for community arts groups and more recently in higher education, teaching topics such as social media techniques, statistical analysis software and leading business databases.

When I’m not sat in front of a computer or stood in front of a classroom, I play tin whistle and bodhrán in an Irish folk covers band.